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Hospital and Homecare Medicals

We are hospital and homecare medical device company limited, registered in Nigeria in 2002, prettily extracted from our mother company- Hospital and Homecare Import and Export Nanjing China, originally we are a subsidiary of Jeph Onyekason Intl Ltd domain in Nigeria. We are company founded on the principal of providing quality products without sacrificing standard or integrity, our company has proven to stand behind these principles. We represent and distributes for reputable companies vis- Beurer GMBH Germany, Led Spa Italia, Egemen Tibbe Turkey, Medbar Turkey, Mitshibushi Intl Corp Spain, SPENGLER France, and our Mother company H&H NANJING China. The true intensions of our company is to provide the best value for your money, At HHMDCL, we stand on and behind our clients as they should be respected, they are not just there for business transactions, rather, they are our partners and friend. We appreciate your interest in doing business with our company and its subsidiary and hope to be part of your success. Our names speaks of what we do, our products are based on high quality and better healthcare We setup and equip hospital, Etc, Give us a chance and we will satisfy and make you happy .

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